Sponsor a tortoise, a turtle, a snake, a lizard or a crocodile – and support the efforts of the CRARC!.

Sponsoring an animal at the CRARC is one of the most rewarding and helpful things that someone can do.

All  animals living in the CRARC cannot be reintroduced in their habitats in nature, either because they would not be able to survive, or because they are exotic species here, for which there is no possibility to reintroduce them into their native habitats.  The animals in the CRARC are of pedagogic value for natural history instruction in the CRARC, and some of them belong to breeding groups for reintroduction projects.


Every sponsor, will get

a card for free admission at the CRARC.

  We will also send you a portrait of your sponsored friend with information on the natural history of the species, on the reasons for the classification as threatened species along with the reasons why this animal is living in the CRARC now.

If you want we will tag the enclosure of the animal with an information board on your sponsorship.

 The sponsorship is valid for one year and can be renewed every year.



Every year, there will be a special sponsor’s day in the CRARC. This gives you the opportunity to contact your sponsored animal directly, and for example feed it. Additionally, you can contact all the CRARC personnel and get first-hand information

  As a sponsor, you also have access to the large bibliography of the CRARC, with references to more than 10,000 scientific and popular science publications on amphibians and reptiles. Please contact us at least one day in advance by phone.

Sponsors get a 5% discount on attending all chargeable events of the CRARC and on all articles at the CRARC-shop.


Our animals Sponsorship form 


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